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Justice is the constant and perpetual will to allot to every man his due. 

Domitus Ulpian

Your Justice Is Our Priority

We all have a right to Justice… in accordance to the International Human rights.

At Nagawa Luggya & Co Advocates, we prioritise your justice. We work towards the fulfilment of your need and satisfaction of legal obligation to the tune of what you want and in accordance with the state mandates.


Primary Practice Areas

Business Law

Do you need assistance or support in making sure your business is in legal health? 

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Oil & Gas

Do you need assistance or support in navigating the Oil and Gas Sector in order to thrive in it? 

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Land Law

Do you need assistance or support protecting or securing you land related assets?

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Insolvency Law

It is time to let go of that business and you need help making sure you do it in a legally sound manner?

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Family & Civil Relations

Do need support dealing with thae issues that arise due to family conflict, or just estate problems?

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Immigration Law

Do you need support dealing with immigration offices, be it receiving amnesty or returning to a country/

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Do you need to speak with someone about some legal matters you would like to be dealt with?

Our Partners

Juliet Nagawa Luggya

Juliet Nagawa Luggya


Juliet Nassuna

Juliet Nassuna


Matovu John

Matovu John


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From Our Clients

The Legal team was helpful and insightful

“The Lawyers worked on my case with speed and understanding that only experienced lawyers could”

Sheila Nabatanzi

“While I was going through a difficult commercial suit, the team supported me throughout the process and made sure i got my due and didnt lose out”

Baguma Peter

“My husband’s estate had a lot of problems. Naggawa Luggya and Co brought to light new information that helped me live a peaceful life provided for by my late husband,”

Helga Lacom

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