Our Practice Areas

If you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine. 

Ernesto Che Guevara

Business  Law

 In Business, it is always wise to make sure you comply with the law of the land, can conduct business without worrying about legal repercussions and be at peace knowing that you have a reliable legal partner as back up.

This is how we support you; Legal Compliance of the Business.

                                                                Securing of supplies from banks.

                                                                Legal representation at law suits.

and many more… 

Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas Industry is relatively new in Uganda and it can be  prone to a lot of pit falls for those who do not know their way around it. We can be your legal Partner in;

                   Legal Documentation formulation

                    Filing of legal documentation.

                    Legal compliance for proceedings.

and many more….. 

Insolvency Law

Handling the insolvency or dissolution of your business is a hard process that needs someone who is familiar with the processes and the things you will need to be able to move forward after all is said and done. We know our way around this and can be with you every step of the way by;

              Assistance in legal bankruptcy procedures.

             Proper business Insolvency.

             Legal advice on what next.

and many more… 

Family and Civil Relations

Dealing with family related issues can be both a painful and long process depending on how well you know the system and the laws that accompany it. We are your best choice in this because we take your feelings and needs into consideration. We support you with;

                     Divorce proceedings  and Marriage dissolution solutions,

                     Estate distribution and execution.

                     Legal Representation in Law Suits.

and many more… 

Land Law

Land and other related issues in this sector are majorly complicated and have a lot of regulations. There is also a recent influx of theft and contention of land because it is one of those assets that is continuously appreciating. It is always good to have a legal team that can be by your side in protecting and or defending you. 

                    Securing Land Titles properly.

                   Protection of Land and Land titles from theft.

                   Legal representation in land contention suits.

and many more… 

Immigration Law

Immigration is one of the most tricky sectors to deal with especially when you do not know what the law says about different situations. It also varies with each country and or time period. It is best to have legal advice that is relevant both to the country and the situation to get you out of sticky situations and to help you navigate the different aspects of it.

                  Support in getting legal assistance for immigration status, 

                  Acquiring passports,

                  Assistance in deportation hearings.

and many more… 

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